Dienstag, 26. April 2016

Wearing a jacket in two different ways

I managed to get the stomacher ready before 1st April. So I was able to wear a fancy babyblue Pet-en-l'air combination at the spring dance event (at which I did not take any photos)! :)

2-in-1 garments, or, say, 1-for-2, are great.

I have a jacket...
work-in-progress picture. I decided on the smaller ruffles.

...and either I pair it with a hooded longsleeved waistcoat to wear it as a Brunswick...
...or I wear the jacket and pin the open front closed with a stomacher to wear it as a Pet-en-l'air!
my first "professional" stomacher :)
How great is that? Totally great!
This is the first real stomacher I've made - with two layers of sturdy lining fabric, boning between them, an upper layer of satin and decorated with bows (all stitched invisible to the stomacher). It is pinned to the jacket under the front robings. I've never worn a pinned garment before, but I forgot my fear of getting pricked and it works just fine. I actually like it way better than I thought I would. Maybe this won't be my last pinned garment.

 On my way to the dance event I also wore a warm cape and mittens to protect me from the chilly weather. I may write about the cape soon.

Have a nice week everyone :)

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