Samstag, 1. Februar 2014

Late Victorian Ensemble - Finished

Yay, so today it's the "finished!"-picture-post.

front view (btw, can someone date that mirror-dresser-thing in the background?)

back view (bad illumination editing.)
Note my hairstyle, I'm proud of it although it's just a knot bun and zillions of hair needles.
Yes, I know, the back of the bodice is far from perfect. Many silly wrinkles and the collar's kinda crooked. Well, first try though :-)

Like bodice, made without pattern. It consists of 5 gores - one in the front (grey), two in the back (also grey) and a black velvet one on each side, because I had not enough grey fabric. But it looks fancy, doesn't it? It is worn over a very ugly and not very poof-y skirt that (I can't imagine) my mother once had worn in the 1980s or so. But I didn't fell like much skirt support was needed for this era and style.

And to end, a pretty picture in front of a lovely cupboard!

edited with a simple filter programme to look old ^_^

yo guys, have a nice february!